4 good reasons to get married in a hotel

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For many of us, wedding often rhymes with a reception organized in a castle,   or in a large estate. Or even in a beautiful and large building full of charm and history. But be aware that there are other alternatives for receiving guests at the reception and dinner: getting married in a hotel for example! Yes why, you had never thought of it? Well, we give you 5 good reasons to think about this proposal!

A very professional staff at your disposal

In a hotel, you can get married at any time of the year. In addition, you benefit from a very professional and experienced staff in terms of service. In addition, he is often very aware of the protocol. What is an advantage within the framework of a marriage where several things must be managed. Such as the wine reception service, table service for dinner, taking care of guests and their needs… The staff at your disposal brings a certain sophistication to your reception.

Bonus ? You may be entitled to valet parking depending on the hotel you choose and the options you take! What elegance to welcome guests from elsewhere! No need to look for a place and suddenly be late, someone will be there to welcome your loved ones and park their vehicle in their place.

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Rooms available for your guests

Getting married in a hotel allows the bride and groom to reserve rooms for their guests if they wish to take responsibility for this. Or to offer their guests the possibility of booking accommodation themselves so as not to have to drive in the middle of the night. So they can stay on site longer and enjoy the party until the end of the night! For those who wanted to be able to drink a few glasses of champagne, this is perfect, you just have to go up one or more floors with the elevator to reach the arms of Morpheus.

The same for the bride and groom, take advantage of the beautiful hotel, place of your reception, to book a room worthy of your wedding night! What could be better if, to fully enjoy your wedding, you only have a few steps to climb (or a floor to climb thanks to the elevator) before you end up on your bed? Make no mistake girls, the wedding night is often just a big platonic sleep!

In addition, your pregnant cousin or your exhausted grandparents will only have to climb the few steps that separate the reception room from the guest rooms. No driving late at night, everyone sleeps there and it’s quite reassuring after a long day like a wedding!

Often all-inclusive formulas for getting married in a hotel

Some hotels will allow you to benefit from all-inclusive offers. Even better than the room/caterer rental which requires finding chairs, tables, crockery and tablecloths. The hotel’s all-inclusive formula allows you to pay a single rate per guest which includes the room, the caterer, the furniture, the dishes and the tablecloths. The must ? It’s that in addition to knowing professionals in events, they are professionals with good taste! In short, an option that promises to be much more economical and just as effective!

get married in a hotel-ceremony

An accompaniment from the beginning to the end of the festivities

In some cases, the chosen hotel can offer support that goes beyond the all-inclusive formula. In this case, the hotel staff will help you in setting up the wedding: taking care of the decoration according to the colors of your choice, privatization of one of the rooms of the hotel or the swimming pool to make the wine of honor or the dinner. Sometimes hotel managers have good contacts with babysitters, DJs and /or florists to give you. It is sure that in these present cases, we avoid the bad pre-wedding stress and we reach the D-day much more relaxed!

The best thing about this option is that there are plenty of beautiful hotels where to celebrate your wedding. Everywhere in France yes, but everywhere in the world too! Many couples make the decision to get married in a luxurious hotel on paradise islands. Like the Maldives, Mayotte and so many more! So which option will you choose? The hotel, a good plan for you and darling?

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