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Save money on your plane tickets

The first thing about your trip is buying the plane tickets – I never buy from an aggregator.

I buy directly from the airline’s website because it saves me on the aggregator commission.

Also, I buy my tickets very early – at least two months in advance as it helps me get a good deal.

Before buying my tickets, I also check if there are any promo codes available.

Opting for connecting flights (I know sometimes they really suck!) will also help you save on your travel costs.

Flying to and from the same airport will also help you cut costs.

In fact, booking tickets on low-cost airlines such as Norwegian Air, WOW, and Air Asia also saves costs.

1. Use a local SIM card

2. Local sims help you save money

One of the things I hate about traveling is the huge cell phone bill I have to pay once I get back to my base.

This huge bill is due to pre-determined packages that most of us end up taking unaware that it’s a great way to save money while traveling.

All you have to do to save money is grab a local SIM card.

Note that your phone may be locked, in which case try services such as .

3. Interact with locals

Street dwellers can help find bargains

Make a habit of interacting with the locals where you are traveling.

It can fetch you a lot of information on how to improve your trip while saving money.

Locals always know the best place to eat, travel or shop.

They also know how to get the best price, helping you save money on your trip.

4. Eat what’s available now, depending on the season

Once you talk to the locals, you will also know what the current season is, in terms of vegetables, fruits, etc.

Ordering foods that are in season guarantees that they will be cheap, which will help you save money.

Note that there is a big difference between eating frugal and what I suggest – eating in season.

The other advantage of eating in season is to taste the country in all its glory.

5. Never eat in a tourist area

It’s easier isn’t it? To see the tourist attraction and when you are tired, just go to a restaurant and have a drink and some food.

It is for this convenience that those restaurants near tourist areas are at least 25-50% more expensive.

Just catch your transport back and drive a few miles away from the attraction and you can save on the cost of your vacation.

6. Don’t tip too much

Save money by reducing tips

Many of us tip too much because we don’t do our homework and figure out the right amount to tip ahead of time.

Also, in some countries tipping is included in the bill as a “service charge” – pay attention to this in the bill you receive.

In such cases, you don’t need to tip, which saves your money.

7. Travel to cheaper countries

Traveling is fun. In fact, the destination does not mean much if you like to travel and that is why we recommend you to travel to cheaper countries to save money.

If you travel to countries with a high exchange rate, you can save a lot – countries like Belarus, Slovakia, India, Turkey, Greece, Peru, Hungary, Vietnam, etc.

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