5 tips for a successful trip with children

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The journey doesn’t have to stop once you have kids. Family trips are possible and not necessarily a problem.In fact, it may be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have as a family!

Of course, you won’t go around the world whatever…

Family travel is challenging and there are pros and cons to traveling with children, but it creates priceless memories!

Here are our top 5 tips for traveling with kids.

There are five essentials for a stress-free family vacation. In 99% of cases, your child will be irritated, grumpy or scream because he is not happy.

1. Plan activities

Pick a kid-friendly destination that offers enough activities to keep them busy, and bring a few comfort items from home, like a stuffed toy, reading books, videos, or life-saving activity kits by plane or by car.

2. Schedule breaks

Give them enough opportunities to rest and an environment where they can get a good night’s sleep.

3. Provide snacks

Pack enough healthy snacks to keep them happy, especially on planes, buses, and cars. Long car or plane trips can leave kids grumpy and hungry.

When eating out, go out for breakfast or lunch as we find this more manageable than dinner as they tend to be cheaper and more casual. Also, at supper time, our children are tired and can go a little crazy!

A hungry or tired child is a grumpy child, just like us!

4. Plan the family trip

Sit down with all of your family members and talk about your trip.

The best way to spark interest and excitement in your kids is to involve them in the trip planning process.

  • We must talk about:
  • How many days will your trip last?
  • What types of places will you visit: beaches, mountains, big cities, small towns?
  • Looking for relaxation or adventure?

5. When does the trip start?

Memorable trips are those where each member of your family experiences something they love.

Grab a few brochures or travel magazines and flip through the pages. Everyone can choose a destination and an activity they would like to see and do.

Review the list as a family, discuss the pros and cons of each, and vote.

Then plan your route, leaving room for flexibility.

6. Adapt the trip to children

Plan for a slower pace than if you were traveling alone or as a couple. Be realistic about what you’re accomplishing, especially when traveling with toddlers.

The less you feel pressured to see and do, the more enjoyable and stress-free it is for everyone.

Understand that you will never have time to see EVERYTHING and do EVERYTHING.

When planning a trip, it’s important to choose a destination and activities that suit the interests of all family members. If your kids (or you) are bored or don’t like a place, that’s not the recipe for a memorable vacation.

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