The 21 Best Chinese Restaurants in Montreal

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The North House

Located in Chinatown West near Concordia University, this casual restaurant specializes in northern Chinese cuisine. The noodles are hand-pulled, and the Chinese dumplings and pancakes are worth trying. In the summer, their cold noodles with cucumber covered in chili oil are perfect.

1. Daddy Jackie

It is quite rare that restaurants in Brossard convince us to make the bridge to get there. Papa Jackie does just that. The bad news is that we are not the only ones to have discovered it: you have to book well in advance to find a table. Otherwise, it’s a great place to come as a group. You could share more dishes, such as steamed chicken, fried lobster and Cantonese chow mein. For more authentically Chinese dishes, check out the menu written on the whiteboard.

2. The VIP House

Open until 3:30 a.m., La Maison VIP has been one of the best options in Chinatown for night owls for years. You could rely on them to provide the fundamental dishes of Westernized Chinese cuisine: shrimp or lobster sauces, beef and broccoli, chicken fried rice, and more. Drop by for their lunch specials and all your expectations of “cheap Chinese food” will be exceeded.

3. Hong Mere

This Sichuan restaurant is a favorite with Verdun residents for its pancakes with fried onions, Dong-bei style noodles and beef with cumin, as well as other well-spiced dishes that feature on their extensive menu. The decor is nothing special, but the food, yes.

Incredibly inexpensive, this restaurant’s menu rarely costs more than $10, especially at dinner time. You can browse the menu for your favorite Cantonese classics, but really, you come here for the BBQ duck and char siu pork. Eat the barbecue meat over rice or in a bowl of broth and noodles (we recommend the rice plates which include a savory mix of ginger, garlic and onion) and you’ll find out why it’s irresistible.

4. Amigo Chinese Food Restaurant

Although the name of this restaurant does not necessarily inspire much among the abundance of colorful posters in the Chinatown section of Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Perhaps its somewhat crooked location on the second floor goes a little unnoticed. But trust us: go there at least once for their salt and pepper pork chops, served with a big bowl of rice with lots of butter, bok choy and a fried egg. The dish is on the chef’s specialty list—you’ll definitely come back to try all the dishes on this list. Everything is good, and moreover, the prices are very affordable.

5. Teochow Foodie

The Chaozhou specialties of Ying Lin and Zhezhen “Chanel” Dai, mother-daughter and co-owners, have grown beyond their first restaurant in Saint-Henri and have begun to find their way onto store shelves across the city. They also opened a new take-out point in the Plateau, where they offer frozen and ready-to-eat dishes such as wontons, rice noodle rolls and several dim sum specialties. Keep an eye out for any collaborations with local restaurants.

6. I Feng

Anita Yue Ming Feng’s Szechuan grocery store and take-out counter may be small, but it’s very efficient with its range of oils and spicy pickles, sauces, bean pastes and imported products. from China. Stop by during restaurant hours and savor what’s being prepared there with canteen-inspired lunch boxes, with noodles or rice, hot broths served through a sliding window, and more. Art is also in the spotlight here, with each dish being more beautiful than the last.

7. Restaurant Miran

Chef Abdul Samad’s Uyghur restaurant, located in a shopping center in Saint-Laurent near the Bois-Franc REM station, is the result of his training and childhood with the bakers of Hotan, an ancient city in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, located in the west of the country. Enjoy grilled, stewed and braised meats, lamb skewers and soups, hand-pulled laghmane noodles and traditional samsa meat pastries cooked in the tandoor.

8. Yin Ji Chang Fen

this establishment offers cheap and delicious food with plenty of options in addition to a sizable menu of congee dishes. This Montreal restaurant may not always be as busy as those in New York and Toronto, but it is no less delicious.

9. Golden Bowl

It’s one of Brossard’s favorite places for Chinese cuisine, and it’s no wonder: With its varied menu of traditional Chinese and Thai dishes, the Golden Bowl is loved for its gigantic portions and its ability to create diasporic North American versions of its cuisines, as well as for its off-menu specialties. This is where you go, first and foremost, when you want one of the cheapest and most comforting dishes on the island.

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