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Dubai is one of the 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates located at the tip of Arabia, only slightly separated from Iran by the Persian Gulf. Moreover, if you did not know it yet, the city is part of the Asian continent.

Visiting Dubai was not a priority for us, at least not at the moment. It’s a destination that was at the bottom of our list, that we wanted to see at least once in our life but in a few years. However, with the current health crisis as well as all the restrictions put in place for several weeks, there were few countries accessible to French travelers. So we had to adapt, change our plans and that’s why our trip to this city of excess has moved forward.

Then, frankly, given the prices and the fact that there are no restrictions there, we didn’t even hesitate for a second! We absolutely did not regret having visited Dubai in advance. It is certain that it is not about the most ecological city in the world but it is incredible to see at least once by its grandiosity.

Below, you will find some important information about our trip, our itinerary as well as various tips to organize your stay as well as possible.

When to go to Dubai?

The best time to visit this emirate is from November to the end of April. Of course, the weather is nice all year round, so you can go there at any time. The only problem is that in the summer the heat can be unbearable and the thermometer can go up to 50 degrees. It can therefore be difficult to visit the city in these conditions.

At the end of January, the day was between 24 and 27 degrees, the ideal temperatures in my opinion. In the evening, once the sun has set, it’s a bit chilly so don’t forget a little jacket or sweater in your suitcase. But we are not far from the winter temperatures that we have in France, it is not super cold I can assure you!

How to get there ?

You can reach Dubai in less than 7 hours by flight from Paris with the Emirates airline . It is the largest airline in the United Arab Emirates and one of the best in the world. Tickets cost on average between 500 and 700€ round trip.

About us, we chose Lufthansa because the tickets were really very cheap. We each paid €290 (without checked baggage, but we are used to traveling light) . The negative point compared to Emirates is that you will necessarily have a stopover on the way there and back but that did not bother us because in terms of schedules it did not change much.

We always book our plane tickets via the Ulysse website. This is a very easy to use and practical flight comparator. By clicking here you will have a 10€ discount on your first reservation!

How to move?

Depending on the length of your stay, you will have to think about your mode of transport in this gigantic city. To begin with, I don’t particularly recommend using the metro, although it is the most economical form of transport. The problem with the metro in Dubai is that travel times are much longer than by car. You can lose a lot of time and if you are only in the city for a few days, it would be a shame.

About us, we only traveled by taxi . The prices have nothing to do with France and if you are two minimums, it’s really worth it. We quickly realized that taxis were cheaper than Uber or Careem. This surprised us because very often, VTC services cost less, but not in Dubai

If you want to be completely free, you can also rent a car . It takes an average of 30/40 euros per day and then, as you probably know, gasoline is not expensive at all in the Arab Emirates. However, at peak times the traffic is quite dense and it can be complicated to park in high season. Many car parks are paid.

Basically, we would have liked to rent a car but I had read on the internet that we needed an international license but it had not arrived in time so we put this option aside. Then, on Instagram, many told me that it was possible to rent one with your French license only, but on the other hand, the credit card is compulsory.

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